Ghanaian wedding dress

Ghanaian brides want to look their very best on their big day but unfortunately, it comes with a heavy price tag.

Purchase your dream wedding dress or go bankrupt trying. This is the unfortunate state of our very own wedding industry here in Ghana as far as our very own Wedding apparels are inclusive.

That dream wedding dress you long for sadly comes with a heavy price tag enough to attract debts. Ghanaian wedding dresses by our very own designers as well our fabrics have become outrageously expensive.

Ghana Wedding dress

From the brides dress to their bridesmaids, the bridal train to even guests, the financial investment for these brief moments are overly huge. It could be described as a case of daylight robbery. Sad, right?

Down Memory Lane

Up until Five (5) years ago, the major burden for couples-to-be had to do with dowries. Once that weight was off, other worries had to do with wedding receptions, car rentals, decorations, etc. If costumes were ever a problem, then it had to do mainly with imported wedding dresses on the market.

These imported dresses were relatively pricey until this culture along the way took a new direction and Ghanaians started to embrace our very own custom-made apparels for wedding ceremonies.

This lifestyle change stemmed from an initiative commenced by our Former President of Ghana, John Agyekum Kufuor in November 2004. He launched the National Friday wear which became a general lifestyle down the line and sparked a love for made in Ghana apparels. This was a laudable move until our very wedding dresses got hooked on huge price tags.

Our Resource Person

The lifestyle desk of Pulse Ghana had a conversation with one of the reputed fashion brands, Q.A Ghana, the label behind most wedding dresses that get us wowed on social media.

Embroidery and beading

Talking to Quophi Akotua, the creative director for Q. A Ghana, he mentioned embroidery and beading being one of the major reasons for the high cost of Ghanaian wedding dresses.

“Every bride comes in demanding for embroidery and beading to adorn their chosen fabrics which is the most expensive part of dressmaking. “The process is very complex and extremely time-consuming as the artwork must be modified to work with the pattern changes and curving of the design lines.”

Eleventh Hour culture

The fashion impresario, Q.A continued by mentioning that most brides wait until the very last minute for their wedding gowns services. For Quophi Aquotua, Whatever your reason for an eleventh-hour purchase is, would mean you have to spend more.

“Most designers like myself will take a ‘rush fee’ because the designer will have to put that bride’s order ahead of others in their production line and rush to complete their work,” he explained.


Akotua also stated that some people want to settle with high-end Ghanaian labels which come with their value. Mostly, big fashion brands charge based on their value, he asserted.

Anita’s wedding dress



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