The Agbogbomefia of the Asogli state, Togbe Afede XIV, says, he will continue to reject any ex-gratia paid him for serving on the Council of State between 2017 and 2020 given the economic situation the country finds itself.

According to the revered chief, corruption has long bedevilled the development of African countries, with Ghana being no exception.

In June this year, Togbe Afede XIV returned over GH¢300,000 paid to him as ex-gratia by the state for serving on the Council of State between 2017 and 2020.

In a statement, the revered chief said, he does not think it was appropriate to be paid ex-gratia since he “was paid monthly for serving on the council of state” and said, he is against the payment of ex-gratia and has been looking for ways to return the money when he was notified that it had been paid to him.


Speaking at a youth empowerment forum and anti-corruption day celebration ahead of the celebration of this year’s Asogli Yam Festival, at Asogli Palace in Ho, the revered chief noted that, he will reject any ex-gratia paid him for serving on any government agency.

“I returned the ex-gratia amount I was given not because I didn’t need the money, in fact at that particular time I needed money very badly to meet various family obligations. But I truly believe that money was not deserved. It was inappropriate for what, I will emphasize again, was essentially a part-time work”.


He also clarified that, he was one of the “most active participants at the council of state and registered as a resident of Accra and not Ho and never had any transport allowance”.

“Yes, I will do it again [reject ex-gratia], because our country is a very poor country so nobody who sacrificed or who has offered to voluntarily work for this country must be very considerate”.

“The constitution allows certain payments to Article 71 office holders but yet the constitution was not very definitive as to the quantum of those payments which means a committee must be created to determine the amount to be paid. And the committee when set up in the future must do a better job”.

Togbe Afede XIV also called on the Ghanaian youth to stop fighting amongst themselves and fight against corruption as their future is at stake.

“Corruption is the main cause of underdevelopment in the country and this demands the attention of us all. We have to call the youths to be part of the fight against corruption as the country belongs to them. It is sad to see how students at the university fight amongst themselves when there’s a bigger battle to fight. There’s no need for Commonwealth’s Vandals and Vikings to fight, neither is there the need for Katanga and Conti in Kumasi to fight. Fight the things that endanger your future”.



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